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COZY CO’XA takes listeners through 17 tracks shadowing themes of heartbreak, and enveloped in possessed sounds sampled from the dark web.


They say that good things come to those who wait. With over 5 years in the making, NC-based COZY CO’XA debuted his full-length LP on Valentine’s Day, 2022. Titled NEGRONOMICON, COZY flips the premise that breakup albums need to be mopey and cliched, and instead reaches for obscure tones and abstract sampling techniques that make the album one of the most interesting Hip-Hop albums to come out in a while.


The LP opens up with ‘Foreword’, a psychedelic lo-fi jam imbued in reflective self-dialogue. It’s the perfect opener, setting both the mood and tempo for the rest of COZY’s personal memoirs to unfold. Upon completion of the prelude, the inner pages begin to turn, revealing darker shades that delve into COZY CO’XA’s troubled adventures as “captain save-a-hoe”.


“This project is basically about my adventures as captain save-a-hoe. I went through a couple break ups just to end up back in the same simp cycle” - COZY CO’XA


COZY CO’XA is not only a producer and musician, but an artist at heart. From a young age, he’s painted across different mediums, even dabbling with animation until he decided to change directions after the passing of a close friend. Though they are art forms from his past, his ability to ‘paint’ vivid stories through music has translated tremendously, even growing stronger over time. 


Now with 11 years of music production under his belt, NEGRONOMICON is a fierce display of where he’s currently at as an artist, and where he’s headed. From the old-school boom-bap vibes of PAGE 11: ICEJJBABY, the tribal hypnotism of PAGE 12: R.I.Bs, and the ice-cold flow contained within PAGE 2: Creepypasta, COZY’s music is as dynamic as it is imaginative.


Collaborators on the LP include Maceo, Rumple O’malley, KennyKoughs, OC Baby, and Jmusiq. Additional production credits go to ProdByJayG, and mastering was executed by 2x platinum engineer, 6058 (with credits such as Trey Songz & Tinashe).

NEGRONOMICON premiered on February 14th, 2022, and is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms.

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